Therapy with Children and Teenagers

girl doing homework

boy standing at wall

When children and teens experience difficulties at home or at school, in social situations or family situations, a therapist can be helpful.

In play therapy, children can use toys and art to explore their feelings, hopes, and  fears.  Through play that is fun and engaging, they learn new ways to cope with the situations they face daily. 

Therapy promotes a healthy parent/child relationship,  while the therapist supports the parents in continuing to provide guidance, structure, discipline, fun, and love.   

teens with laptop

Teenagers are learning about themselves and their unique identity.  Academics become much more challenging and their peer group becomes more important.   As they gain independence, teens are making choices every day that impact their future.   Questions emerge from them about adult leadership, family dynamics, politics and world events, sexuality, relationships, jobs and career direction.    When life is confusing, stressful or overwhelming and a teen experiences emotional problems, a relationship with a dedicated therapist can help them sort out their thoughts and feelings and move forward in a positive direction.